Our Story

Baby Bubbles are a unique twist on the favorite newborn outfit – the "onesie". They come with removable and interchangeable Velcro patches featuring messages such as “Baby Girl/Boy,” “Daddy’s Girl,” and “Tickle Me.” Baby Bubbles ooze “adorable,” “special,” “clever” and “cute” – a cheerful reflection of the babies who wear them. A portion of all proceeds from sales will be donated to help families with preemie babies.

Inspired by my niece, Ruby, Baby Bubbles was created as a way to help families with preemie babies. Baby Ruby was teeny tiny when she arrived into this world sooner than expected. But at only 2 pounds, 1 ounce, and just 14.5 inches long, she was a fighter and she wasn’t going to give up. Fortunately, today she is happy and healthy – growing, developing, and playing like any other infant.

When preemies are born they begin their lives in an incubator (bubble), where their environment is controlled and sterile. They’re constantly being monitored and are heavily dependent on IVs, feeding tubes and in some cases a breathing apparatus to ensure and promote continued growth and development.

After watching my sister and family go through the challenges that come with having a preemie baby, I was inspired to create this company and to help families like mine. My hope is to help as many families of preemie babies as possible with the funds received from the sale of these onesie's. I understand the ups and downs families go through during the first few months of their preemie baby’s life. Baby Bubbles has given me a way to directly support and uplift the lives of these special babies and families.

Celebrate the tiniest lives!

Teresa Skrepenski