Featured Artists

We are so proud to have featured artists from around the United States who are talented and like to give back. We promote learning every step of the way and encourage kids to give back at a young age. Are you interested in being a featured artist or know someone one who would be perfect? Please feel free to contact us at info@babybubbles.biz


Nyasia is from Fort Wayne, Indiana and lives with her parents and 2
sisters (although she has 8 brothers and sisters). When she¹s not playing
with her 2 dogs, she loves to read and watch cool shows on her iPad.
Nyasia loves to draw, and was so excited to put her spin on Baby Bubbles¹

Nyasia's Patches:


Olivia is from San Diego, California. She lives with her parents, brother, 2 dogs and 3 cats. She began drawing at an early age and as her interest turned into a passion, she has been developing her skills in several art classes. She loves anime and drawing/ painting with different art mediums, especially oil on canvas. She creates her digital art with a pen tablet and using Photoshop and Manga Studio. Olivia plans to go college to continue her art education and hopes to work in an art-related profession one day.

Olivia would like to thank her friend Mindy for recognizing her talent, and Teresa for giving her an opportunity to present her work professionally. If you want to learn more about Olivia, please check her website: http://www.lunylivie.com.

Olivia’s Patches: